Wonderful Fusion Of Soul & Jazz: Impromp2 - It Is What It Is !!

MOJAZZA low-down dirty funky groove with a sexy bass-line and Isleys / Chris Jasper era type keys thrown in for good measure. A salvo of questions hit the chaps from a number of voices asking whether it be hip hop, soul, pop, R&B, funk, neo-soul etc…The answer according to the soulful chorus is…It is what it is.

This wonderful fusion of soul, jazz and softly spoken rap suits Impromp2 to the ground. They are not finished there, though. “You’re A Queen” is a splendid track and is receiving a lot of interest of Urban radio stateside. 

In this offering, a message is sent to ALL women about not allowing themselves to be portrayed as objects by the brainless R&B / Rap industry – the videos typifying women as only able to wear next to nothing or shaking their booty.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the endless parade of car bumpers or basketball courts.As Sean says, he hates to think of his small children growing up, seeing that and ascribing to that thinking. The “music industry” is sick and thank God for the likes of Impromp2 for a dash of sanity and intelligence.

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