Delightful Cultural Mix: Jehro - Tonight Tonight - Paradise Cantina

Born in Marseille, in the 'Panier' neighborhood, Jérôme Cotta, alias Jehro is cradled in his childhood by his father's music taste like 'left side singer-songwriter' Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Léo Ferré, Georges Moustaki… 

Then, he will be influenced by pop-rock and reggae, during a few years while he was living in London. Back in France, he joined the group 'Solo' before launching his own career. He released his first album in 1999 entitled 'The Tree And Fruit'. 
And then collaborated in the writing of several albums: Veronica Antico 'Gates of Heaven', and Marathonians 'A Tropical Soul Adventure' in 2003.

Here, he took a new turn in his musical career to move to a different musical style, close to reggae and calypso.
When he made the tour of record companies, in 2005 with his first album, he was able to test the resistances of the decision-makers. Nobody wanted of the record, except the major company Warner, which inspired well signed the singer for the charmingly felted voice. 

Five years after the success of his single, finally Jehro is coming back for brightening your day with his new album, Paradise Cantina.

A solar album which results from a trip to Panama and Cuba. The title evokes these South American cheap restaurants where the villagers take a snatch at good price: " places of life where young people and old men meet in a friendly and family atmosphere".
The artist is a passionate person of journeys and photography, and the songs of his album listen to as so many postcards, without the exotic clichés, sent since his distant destinations.

Worn by melodies never streetwalkers, alternating silky South American reggae, soul flights and rhythms, Paradise Cantina radiates a warmth, authenticity and ease-specific to self-taught musicians.

"I compose by ear, without writing a single note," said Jehro whose father (who died when he was six years old) was a professional musician: "Many artists went to the house, painters, sculptors, musicians Léo Ferré, or Almanda Altai. I'm probably came to music by atavism, a very natural way. "

Formed during five years in the hard school of clubs and pubs - "my private conservatory" - the music written by Jehro is peaceful, but not naive. In his thoroughbred voice, full of soul feeling, he celebrates the saving or faded love, the joys of fatherhood, without forgetting to inject with delicacy its ecologist and anti-capitalist convictions… 


On the song Guantanamo, he tackles with a caustic irony the multinational of transgenics Monsanto, and claims its part of utopia on One World, an ode to a world without borders, freed of his tyrants. "Can you feel the wind of Freedom ... 

All Powers all leaders THEY Will Come Down." Understand, "Do you feel the wind of freedom ... All the powers and leaders will fall. A hymn written long time before " Arab Spring ". Jehro's evidence that does not preach in the desert!

Jehro finally emerges from his silence! A Singer-songwriter who handles both English and Spanish, reveals the first single, Tonight Tonight, brilliant and catchy song part of the calypso and Caribbean sounds, reflecting the eclecticism of the new album Jehro. Cantina Paradise, a delightful cultural mix to listen for any occasion !!!

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