Hypnotic Soul - Dajla - Soul Poetry & The Meaning Of Life

DAJLA is the Arabic translation of River TIGRIS, Mesopotamian river, soul sister of Euphrates River. Dajla is like this river: her spirit runs free and strong amongst the land of music. She's a lead singer, a songwriter, a pianist and a bassplayer.

Dajla grew up in the West coast of France, raised by a Soul and R'n'B loving dad originally from Tunisia/Kabylia, and an American-Gypsy rock loving mum in the midst of the cool 1970's... 

She started playing Jazz and classical piano at the age of 6 at the local music college. She picked up the bass at 17 deeply influenced by her encounter with Angelo Moore from Los Angeles band Fishbone in 1992.

After a few years playing bass and keys for various bands in Paris and London and several trips to the US, she meets producer/drummer/guitarist/keyboardist Benji "Blow" Bouton on her return to France in 2004. Together they found what they'd been looking for…


Their love for Hip-Hop beats, P-funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz took them to another space, where music knows no boundaries… 
Dajla writes and rhymes to transcend the frustration, “ego trips” and alienation of a money driven world gone mad… Through her poetry and lyrics she states LOVE as the ultimate concept and viable alternative.

French producer Wax Tailor introduces them to his label in 2006 and "Soul Poetry", their first LP was released with Undercover Records in 2006, then a second time in Feb. 2007 with two bonus tracks.
Dajla & Benji Blow now, got a band together, where she plays bass and sings and have already performed at various festivals and in many countries from Africa to America and Europe. 

"One of the few artists able to challenge U.S. soul singers." (Liberation) 

"This album -a miracle of hypnotic soul- brings us the same soothing and peaceful feeling as Jill Scott's first opus did."
(Groove/album of the year)

"Dajla is following the steps of Erykah Badu and Portishead..." 
(Rap Mag) 

"This young prodigy is the nu-soul revelation of the year."
(Longueur d'Ondes)

Bonus & if you  want a really good sound download her 2 albums (Soul  Poetry & The Meaning Of Life)...Enjoy, especially 'Hold me' :)

DAJLA "The Motherland feat. Metropolis"



Amp Fiddler - Waltz of a Ghetto Fly & Singles

Having studied jazz in school and with Harold McKinney while growing up in Detroit, Joseph "Amp" Fiddler is an American keyboardist, singer, songwriter and record producer. His musical styles include Funk, Soul, Dance and Electronic music. He is probably best known for his contributions to the band Enchantment, and as part of George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic groups from 1985 until 1996. 

While he was working with his brother, Bubz (bass guitarist, producer and songwriter), he released the album With Respect in 1990 on Elektra, recording under the name Mr. Fiddler. Although the record didn't fare well commercially, it was a solid update of '70s funk with modern production sensibilities. 

In 2002, Amp issued a 12" called Basementality on the Genuine label. Featuring a remix from close associate Kenny Dixon, Jr. (aka Moodymann), the record was an even split between modern Soul and Funky club music with Fiddler's talents boldly displayed.

The Love and War single came out the following year, and the full-length Waltz of a Ghetto Fly saw release in 2004. "Trust me guys, this is essential listening"...On & On. His album, Afro Strut, was released in the U.K, in 2006.

Two years later, Fiddler and Sly & Robbie kicked off the Strut label's collaboration-oriented Inspiration Information series. 

Amp Fiddler is credited with introducing Hip-Hop producer J Dilla to the Akai MPC sampling drum machine and also to A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip, who introduced the young Dilla into the music industry world.

His warm, expansive, mellifluous music emerges as earthy, supremely relaxed, and rooted in the Funk and Soul that Amp feels most connected to. And, as he suggests, it is music for the head as much as food for the heart and soul.