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Jarle Bernhoft (born on June 27, 1976), also known as Bern/hoft, is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist. Bernhoft is from Nittedal in Norway, but currently lives in New York.
His most known songs are "Streetlights", "Shout" (a Tears for Fears cover), "Choices", "C'mon Talk" and "Stay With Me". 


In December 2014, it was announced that his album Islander was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album for the 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony, to be held on 8 February 2015. His nomination is remarkable, as he was the first non-American artist to have been nominated in the 20 year-history of this US-dominated category. 

In a response to his nomination, Bernhoft stated that "Grammy has spoken. I make R&B music."He released his first solo album Ceramik City Chronicles on September 1, 2008. 
So far, one of my favorite and now, my daughter is addicted to!!!

In January 2010, Bernhoft released a double live album called  1:Man 2:Band, where one half is a recording from his solo show at a jazz café in Oslo (Kampen Bistro), and the other half is a recording from his concerts in Rockefeller and Molde Jazz Festival with a full band.


His second solo album, Solidarity Breaks, was released the next year in January 2011. It topped the VG-lista, the Norwegian Albums Chart for a total of seven weeks (in July, August and September 2011). And If you're already hooked, listen to his best album Walk With Me, I can't stop playing it...Repeat, repeat...


I hope you enjoyed it, sorry for the 'no post long lasting' ...but I've moved a lot of time & really worked my ass of, for surviving...so no time for one of my favorite hobby...Music!


Me'shell Ndegeocello - Deep Neo Soul

Me'shell Ndegeocello (born Michelle Lynn Johnson, August 29, 1968) is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, bassist, and vocalist. Her music incorporates a wide variety of influences, including funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, R&B, rock, and jazz. 
She has received significant critical acclaim throughout her career, and has had ten career Grammy Award nominations. She has been credited for having "sparked the neo-soul movement.

She was born in Berlin, Germany, to army Sergeant Major and saxophonist father Jacques Johnson and health care worker mother Helen. She was raised in Washington, D.C. where she attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Oxon Hill High School.

Ndegeocello adopted her surname at the age of 17, which she says means "free like a bird" in Swahili.
Ndegeocello honed her skills on the D.C. go-go circuit in the late 1980s with the bands Prophecy, Little Bennie and the Masters, and Rare Essence.

She unsuccessfully 
tried out for Living Colour's bassist position, vacated in 1992 by Muzz Skillings. 
Going solo, she was one of the first artists to sign with Maverick Records, where she released her debut album, Plantation Lullabies. This recording presented a distinctly androgynous persona.

Her biggest hit is a duet with John Mellencamp, a cover version of Van Morrison's "Wild Night", which reached #3 on the Billboard charts. Her only other Billboard Hot 100 hit besides "Wild Night" has been her self-penned "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)", which peaked at #73 in 1994. 

Also in 1994, Ndegeocello collaborated with Herbie Hancock on "Nocturnal Sunshine," a track for the Red Hot Organization's compilation album, Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool. 
The album, meant to raise awareness and funds in support of the AIDS epidemic in relation to the African American community, was heralded as "Album of the Year" by Time magazine.

She had a No. 1 Dance hit in 1996 with a Bill Withers cover song called "Who Is He (and What Is He To You?)" (briefly featured in the film Jerry Maguire) as well as Dance Top 20 hits with "Earth", "Leviticus: Faggot", "Stay" and the aforementioned "If That's Your Boyfriend.. Last Night)".

Ndegeocello played bass on the song "I'd Rather be Your Lover" for Madonna on her album Bedtime Stories. Ndegeocello was also tapped, at the last minute, to perform a rap on the same song. This came after Madonna and producers decided to remove Tupac Shakur's rap.
Her music has been featured in a number of film soundtracks including How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Lost & Delirious, Batman & Robin, Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Talk To Me, Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls,The Best Man, Higher Learning, Down in the Delta, The Hurricane, Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, and Soul Men.

She has appeared on recordings by Basement Jaxx, Indigo Girls, and The Blind Boys of Alabama. On The Rolling Stones' 1997 album Bridges to Babylon she plays bass on the song "Saint Of Me". 

On Alanis Morissette's 2002 album Under Rug Swept, she plays bass on the songs "So Unsexy" and "You Owe Me Nothing in Return". 
On Zap Mama's album ReCreation (2009), she plays bass on the song "African Diamond".

She can also be seen in the documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown, singing The Miracles' "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" and The Temptations' "Cloud Nine".

In the late 1990s, she toured with Lilith Fair. She also did a remake of the song, "Two Doors Down" on the 2003 release, Just Because I'm A Woman: The Songs of Dolly Parton.

Ndegeocello was also a judge for the 2nd annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists' careers.

Her song “Tie One On” was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week on February 23, 2010.
In 2002, Ndegeocello collaborated with Yerba Buena on a track featuring Ron Black for the Red Hot Organization's tribute album to Fela Kuti, Red Hot and Riot. Proceeds from the album went to various AIDS charities, per the Red Hot Organization's mission.

In June 2010, she contributed a cover of U2's "40" to the Enough Project and Downtown Records' Raise Hope for Congo compilation. 

Proceeds from the compilation fund efforts to make the protection and empowerment of Congo’s women a priority, as well as inspire individuals around the world to raise their voice for peace in Congo.

In 2010, Ndegeocello contributed to the essay anthology It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living, edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller in the vein of the It Gets Better Project.

Last release in 2011, her 10th studio album, “Pour une âme souveraine”, a dedication to fellow musician Nina Simone. She reworked some of the tracks made famous by the iconic musician. 

Guests on the album include Sinead O’Connor, Lizz Wright, Valerie June, Tracy Wannomae, Toshi Reagon and Cody ChesnuTT.

I love her slammin' & creative music… For me, her best album is "Peace Beyond Passion", release in
I hope she will keep on the Passion.


Macy Gray - Roller Coaster Soul Diva

@Macy Gray (born September 6, 1969 is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress, famed for her distinctive raspy voice, and a singing style heavily influenced by Billie Holiday and Betty Davis.

Gray has released six studio albums, and received five Grammy Award nominations, winning one. She has appeared in a number of films including Training Day, Spider-Man, Scary Movie 3, Lackawanna Blues, Idlewild and For Colored Girls. Gray is best known for her international hit single "Do Something," taken from her multi-platinum debut album
On How Life Is.

Gray's initial success came as a surprise. While attending the University of Southern California, she agreed to write songs for a friend, and a demo session was scheduled for the songs to be recorded by another singer. When the vocalist failed to turn up, Gray recorded them herself. She then met writer/producer Joe Solo while working as a cashier in Beverly Hills. Together, they wrote a large collection of songs and recorded them in Solo's studio. 
The demo tape landed Gray the opportunity to sing at jazz cafés in Los Angeles, California. Despite Gray's dislike of her own voice, Atlantic Records signed her. In 1998, she landed a record deal with Epic Records. She was on one of the songs from The Black Eyed Peas' debut album, "Love Won't Wait".
Gray worked on her debut album in 1999, On How Life Is became a worldwide smash. & "I Try" was one of the biggest singles of 1999.

In 2001, she collaborated with Fatboy Slim, The Black Eyed Peas, and Slick Rick (on the song "The World Is Yours", from the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack), as well as acting for the first time in the thriller Training Day. In August 2001, Gray was booed off the field at the Pro Football Hall of Fame exhibition game after forgetting the lyrics to the American national anthem.

Gray's The Id featured appearances by John Frusciante and Erykah Badu on the single "Sweet Baby" (which was co-written with longtime collaborator Joe Solo). In 2002, she appeared in Spider-Man as herself and worked with Santana on the track "Amoré (Sexo)", for his album Shaman.

Also in 2002, she appeared on the Red Hot Organization's compilation CD in tribute to Nigerian afropop pioneer Fela Kuti, Red Hot and Riot. She appeared on a remake track of Kuti's classic, "Water No Get Enemy" alongside prominent hip-hop and R&B artists, D'Angelo, The Soultronics, Nile Rodgers, Roy Hargrove, and Kuti's son, Femi Kuti.

She recorded a duet with Zucchero called "Like The Sun (From Out Of Nowhere)", which featured Jeff Beck on guitar released in 2004 on Zu & Co., a duets collection. Her song "Time of My Life" was included in the soundtrack to 8 Mile. A cartoon based on Gray's childhood was being developed, but it never came to fruition.

In 2003, Gray released her third studio album, The Trouble with Being Myself, to rave reviews. The lead single, "When I See You", became a radio hit in the U.S. and a top forty hit in the UK. Nevertheless, it became Gray's third top twenty album in the UK. A greatest hits collection and a live album were subsequently released: The Very Best of Macy Gray (2004) and Live in Las Vegas (2005). Additionally, Gray was featured on Marcus Miller's 2005 album Silver Rain, on a cover of Prince's 1986 song "Girls & Boys". She also appeared on the soundtrack to the film Chicago with Queen Latifah and Lil' Kim on "Cell Block Tango/He Had it Comin'."

Gray began 2007 badly after being kicked off-stage at a concert in Barbados for profanity (which was part of the show), but she was not aware that it was against the law in that country. She gave a public apology that night to avoid arrest.

In March, Gray released her fourth studio album (sixth overall), entitled Big. Two singles, "Finally Made Me Happy" and "Shoo Be Doo", have been released from the album. "What I Gotta Do", another track from the album, is featured on the Shrek the Third soundtrack. It is considered Gray's comeback album, after a four-year hiatus since her last studio album. The album was critically acclaimed and seen by some as her best work to date. It featured collaborations with Natalie Cole, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, and will.i.am, who co-executive produced the album with Gray.

On July 7, 2007, Gray performed at the Brazilian leg of Live Earth at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gray and her band members wore clothes bearing political messages. Gray's dress carried the message "Darfur Red Alert".

In 2008, Macy launched a new campaign under the name Nemesis Jaxson, with upcoming single, "Slap a Bitch".
Macy was available again in another movie soundtrack (she is featured in more than 10 other soundtracks): Confessions of a Shopaholic, with the newest track "Don'Forget Me".

First single from Gray's fifth studio album The Sellout, "Beauty in the World," is used as the theme in multiple videos created by Microsoft.

In 2011, Gray signed a deal with 429 Records and started recording a series of covers for her next studio album Covered.  The album's first single is "Here Comes The Rain Again" (originally performed by Eurythmics).


Also in 2012, @Talking Book is the stars new album which sees Macy Gray revisiting one of Stevie Wonders most iconic releases as she pays homage to the music veteran by recording the entire album track for track.

Macy describes Talking Book as a love letter to Stevie Wonder rather than it being a tribute or concert style recording. What better way to pay homage to your idol than to record one if their biggest studio accomplishments and to do it so well as Macy has here. 

My Fav on this one: Tuesday Heartbreak, Superstition & You Are The Sunshine Of My Live. She is one of my all time favorites!


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I only find a free widget 'basic version' for the video player...looking 4 the perfect one as usual.



ELECTRO DELUXE - Soul & Funk Cocktail Party -

ELECTRO DELUXE consists of seven musicians among the most active of the French musical stage. Since 2001, the group mixed an unique & original electro music-jazz sound.

Like a Soul & Funk cocktail party! 


After ten years touring in France and all over the world (China, India, Canada, Mexico, Europe) in the most prestigious festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival, Jazz in Vienna, Cervantino, Solidays) the group brought out this year a double live album recorded with a BigBand. 
Real musical reservoir, Electro Deluxe is present in numerous current projects. We indeed find the musicians of the group playing with Ben l'Oncle Soul , Michel Jonasz, Hocus Pocus, Milk Coffee and Sugar or Sixun.

Three albums so far: Stardown in 2005, Hopeful in 2007 and Play in 2010, each having welcomed numerous guests among whom Christophe Panzani and Philippe Sellam (saxophones), Guillaume Poncelet, Flavio Boltro and Jean-François Baud, Didier Lockwood, Cynthia Saint-Ville, IMO, Crystal and HKB FiNN , Julien Birot, Ben l'Oncle Soul ...


In the center of the Soul revival  scene, on the border between Jazz and Hip-hop, Electro Deluxe takes root between inheritance and modernity, investigating the musical borders without caring about limits or labels. 

I'm gonna see them next summer ☼…YEAH


A.S.M (A STATE OF MIND) - Crown Yard

A State of Mind (A.S.M) is a Hip-Hop English collective, native of Canada, Germany and England which influences come from Funk to Hip-Hop and even Reggae. 

The main group members are: Green T, FP, and Flat. They are accompanied in studio and on stage by Ludivine Issambourg flutist of Wax Tailor, Marco Bernardis, Paul Burton and Mike Davis (saxophonist, trombonist and trumpeter of 6ix Toys) but also the "Rice Krispies" saxophonist Romain Alary, the trombonist Geoffroy de Schuyter and the trumpeter Alex Herichon.

They worked repeatedly with the French DJ Jean Christophe Le Saoût, known under the name of Wax Tailor. The first title arising from this collaboration is "Positively Inclined", then "Say Yes" and finally "Guaranteed", available on albums "Hope and Sorrow", "In the Mood for Life" from Wax Tailor and on "Platypus Funk" from A.S.M .

On 2007 the group brings out his first EP "Pre-Emptive Nostalgia", in March 2008 brings out to Japan the second EP "Cosmic Flavour". In 2010 went out the first album marketed in France:"Platypus Funk".

Their second album Crown Yard went out on October 31st, 2011. A new musical maturity, with the same Hip-Hop vibes, optimistic and 'true-school' found already in their first album "Platypus Funk", an enormous European success arisen from the collaboration with Wax Tailor.
What makes this new album different and unique, it's the sophistication of its arrangements and the depth, in which they investigate the musical genres previously only brushed: more specially the Funk, in its original version, but also the Motown Soul, the Reggae-roots and the Afrobeat.

This new album of ASM looks like a 70s movie Soundtrack. While their young and overflowing energy shines in each of the pieces, the depth of grooves, the precision of the rhythms and the musical complexity of highlighted "CROWN yard" send a very clear message… ASM is in the place!!!


Hypnotic Soul - Dajla - Soul Poetry & The Meaning Of Life

DAJLA is the Arabic translation of River TIGRIS, Mesopotamian river, soul sister of Euphrates River. Dajla is like this river: her spirit runs free and strong amongst the land of music. She's a lead singer, a songwriter, a pianist and a bassplayer.

Dajla grew up in the West coast of France, raised by a Soul and R'n'B loving dad originally from Tunisia/Kabylia, and an American-Gypsy rock loving mum in the midst of the cool 1970's... 

She started playing Jazz and classical piano at the age of 6 at the local music college. She picked up the bass at 17 deeply influenced by her encounter with Angelo Moore from Los Angeles band Fishbone in 1992.

After a few years playing bass and keys for various bands in Paris and London and several trips to the US, she meets producer/drummer/guitarist/keyboardist Benji "Blow" Bouton on her return to France in 2004. Together they found what they'd been looking for…


Their love for Hip-Hop beats, P-funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz took them to another space, where music knows no boundaries… 
Dajla writes and rhymes to transcend the frustration, “ego trips” and alienation of a money driven world gone mad… Through her poetry and lyrics she states LOVE as the ultimate concept and viable alternative.

French producer Wax Tailor introduces them to his label in 2006 and "Soul Poetry", their first LP was released with Undercover Records in 2006, then a second time in Feb. 2007 with two bonus tracks.
Dajla & Benji Blow now, got a band together, where she plays bass and sings and have already performed at various festivals and in many countries from Africa to America and Europe. 

"One of the few artists able to challenge U.S. soul singers." (Liberation) 

"This album -a miracle of hypnotic soul- brings us the same soothing and peaceful feeling as Jill Scott's first opus did."
(Groove/album of the year)

"Dajla is following the steps of Erykah Badu and Portishead..." 
(Rap Mag) 

"This young prodigy is the nu-soul revelation of the year."
(Longueur d'Ondes)

Bonus & if you  want a really good sound download her 2 albums (Soul  Poetry & The Meaning Of Life)...Enjoy, especially 'Hold me' :)

DAJLA "The Motherland feat. Metropolis"