ELECTRO DELUXE - Soul & Funk Cocktail Party -

ELECTRO DELUXE consists of seven musicians among the most active of the French musical stage. Since 2001, the group mixed an unique & original electro music-jazz sound.

Like a Soul & Funk cocktail party! 


After ten years touring in France and all over the world (China, India, Canada, Mexico, Europe) in the most prestigious festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival, Jazz in Vienna, Cervantino, Solidays) the group brought out this year a double live album recorded with a BigBand. 
Real musical reservoir, Electro Deluxe is present in numerous current projects. We indeed find the musicians of the group playing with Ben l'Oncle Soul , Michel Jonasz, Hocus Pocus, Milk Coffee and Sugar or Sixun.

Three albums so far: Stardown in 2005, Hopeful in 2007 and Play in 2010, each having welcomed numerous guests among whom Christophe Panzani and Philippe Sellam (saxophones), Guillaume Poncelet, Flavio Boltro and Jean-Fran├žois Baud, Didier Lockwood, Cynthia Saint-Ville, IMO, Crystal and HKB FiNN , Julien Birot, Ben l'Oncle Soul ...


In the center of the Soul revival  scene, on the border between Jazz and Hip-hop, Electro Deluxe takes root between inheritance and modernity, investigating the musical borders without caring about limits or labels. 

I'm gonna see them next summer ☼…YEAH