Voice Exploration : Camille - Ilo Veyou

Camille, records her first album, ' Le Sac des filles ', while she's still student. Yep, another French... Good singer!  :)

After some collaborations on various albums, such those of Magic Malik, Gérard Manset or Jean-Louis Murat, she records her second opus, praised musical UFO by the criticism: ' Le Fil '. The awards rain and the public is conquered. She multiplies scenes and proposes during each of her performances some real shows, decorated with surprises - duet with artists in universes eclectic as Saïan Supa Crew. French major figure of the new  scene, Camille mixes the kinds and throws back the standardization, with an asserted objective: ' fight against the envy to overcoming '.

Camille appears to the cinema. In 2001, she represents in 'Les Morsures de l'aube', the first movie of Antoine de Caunes, where she embodies a singer, and then, in 2007, she attacks a quite different register by lending her voice to the cartoon movie 'Ratatouille', Camille returns with a new entitled album ' Music Hole ' in April, 2008.

After a bracket with the short-lived group ' Les Françoises ', that she forms the time of the 'Printemps de Bourges' 2010 with Jeanne Cherhal, Emily Loizeau, Olivia Ruiz, Rosemary de Moriarty and Big Sophie, she's back with this fourth album, ' Ilo Veyou '.

Recorded during her pregnancy and in some churches…great acoustic, it spreads admirably exaggerated love songs. With healthy and organic ingredients, her material music reveals attractive textures and a transcendence's taste , which verges on happiness.


Awesome Acoustic : Lala Joy - Winter Garden / Jardin D'Hiver - Il Y A

With a soft name Lala Joy's, this young singer Author / interpreter is at present in full recording of his first solo album: Il Y A.
She takes back, in a sacred willow, in an acoustic version of Jessie J's tube- Do It Like A Dude.

Then, enchains with her version of Henri Salvador's tube - Winter garden/Jardin D'Hiver.Click on the title 4 listen :)
And, again, her soft voice rocks us from the first seconds. A resumption in guitar voice to look some more of depth to this multi-piece broadcasted a few years ago, which finds here a second life.

An attractive moment with a singular artist who should make very quickly, speaks seriously, about her …


Funk, Jazz, Rock or Soul : Charles Pasi - Better With Butter - Uncaged

This dreamer observes as much the past as the present to better build and understand the future.          

Charles Pasi is a French-Italian and if he grew in Paris, he spent many of his summers across the Atlantic to listen to Miles Davis, Otis Redding, Ray Charles or Bob Dylan.

Down from his 27 years, he speaks to us about a time that some less than thirty years should better known. When he begins the music at the age of 17, Charles doesn't choose an electric guitar but a harmonica.

Against the advice of all, he follows his idea and takes singing & instrument lessons. Having joined a Gospel group, then having studied music in Italy, he picks up several springboards and prizes, skims the jam-sessions and, having ended finalist of International Memphis Blues Festival in 2006, begin an international tour ( United States, Canada, Russia, Hungary, Benelux, Italy, Spain) with his first album, Mainly Blue.

If his first opus was tinged with Blues, his successor Uncaged, is unclassifiable.

Charles often delivers dark texts on melodies with diverse colors. Passionate and enthusiastic, the arrangements are a mixture of influences Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock or Soul, following the example of Wild it up, title frank as an uppercut in tones Red Hot Chili Peppers or Fume Against the Hatches...

A happy marriage to discover with Better With Butter, generosity in the rough which will make you sway hips as well as on a James Brown and will tempt you to see again all Bertolucci or Ferreri.

The singer distills with talent his wide influences and invites in the passage the legendary Archie Shepp's saxophone for two titles!

The phrasing clashing of the saxophone mixed with the captivating voice of Charles Pasi not betrays a second that half a century separates both men. Once upon a time Charles Pasi, delivers with Uncaged a poignant testimony of what can be the music of yesterday handed back with current tastes and skillfully mixed by a current passionate person. Charles Pasi is a young talent to followed closely.

Archie Shepp

- Pioneer of the free Jazz, the saxophonist evolved towards a music merging the constituents of the Jazz since his origins,Superstar of the saxophone Jazz,Archie Shepp (born in 1937) is, since his debuts, a free musician!

An Alive JAZZ legend ;)


Crossover Jazz : Terez Montcalm - Love - Voodoo


An unforgettable voice, an unique way to treat the rhythms and the words. Terez is an atypical jazz artist, she has an incredibly disproportionate voice, which transcends and kidnaps you from the first measures with this hoarse stamp which moved sometimes in incredible howling. We often compare her with Janis Joplin, Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald, all combined in a single person.

And nevertheless, she remains unique and original. She begins really young to play guitar with her brother, they were listening to any kind of music from Jimi Hendrix to Billie Holiday passing by Zappa, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, who remains at this day one of her favorite artists. 

At the end of the 80s, she's in Alberta  where she collaborates with a local theater. During this stay, she shares the stage with The Cowboy Junkies and Robert Charlebois. On returning to Quebec, she gives a series of shows and brings out her first album Risk, in 1994. She makes the promotion with hundred of shows in Quebec, in France, in Belgium and in Switzerland.

Her second album, Speaks not so hardly, goes out in 1997, followed by another big tour through Quebec. Her third recording, Térez Montcalm, goes out in 2002. After few months on the road, she decides to have a break to get fresh ideas. She spends some years to deepen her learning of the bass and to polish up her writing.

Voodoo, her most ambitious album, is the result of this introspection.
On this album, Térez Montcalm offers three original compositions of her own invention, several great classics of the jazz and also songs of Eurythmics, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix and Claude Nougaro. She restores life in these well known melodies by filling them with colors and with her particular jazzy accents. For this album, she teams up with legendary Michel Cusson, composer and musician of extraordinary jazz.

Don't buy this album...Don't go to her concert you will become addicted. Now you are aware...She is outstanding!


Acoustic Guitar : Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

The story of the surfing champion reconverted  to songwriter … Sober  acoustic guitar, a languishing stalk of voice, a velvet rhythmic, ever simplistic simple melodies, Johnson seems to have been inspired by some warm sand to draw the inspiration of his ballads.

'Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart', sings Johnson, laying out the mission statement for In Between Dreams in its opener “Better Together”. 
It tends to focus on relationships.This could be a good or a bad thing as far as you’re concerned, but it has never really been the substance that matters with Jack Johnson—as the cliché goes, it’s all in the delivery.

First single 'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' is Johnson’s most well-realized song and it contains plenty of the subtle chord changes and even subtler wordplay that made that song great. 

Highlights are 'Better Together', the tune is infectious and his voice is dreamy, 'Banana Pancakes', because it's such a cute concept and such a rainy summer day anthem, and 'Never Know' my favorite on the whole album.


The guitar sounds so amazing, it blows me away every single time. I cannot get tired of this song.

It is a wonderful album with music that is mellow, fun, romantic and in general, just enjoyable. What I like best about his music is that it can be all of those things without being sappy, boring or repetitive.
It is great music to listen to and relax while doing whatever :)

Jack Johnson I think is one of the rare artists that seem to be able to really paint a picture in your mind. And I mean a clear vivid image. It just puts you in such a happy and relaxed mood. My favorite time to listen to it… at the beach.

Enjoy the Ride!

Steve Jobs : Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish !

          Steve Jobs



Flawless Neo-Soul : Jill Scott - Who Is Jill Scott? / The Light of The Sun

Neo-Soul vocalist Jill Scott known as a spoken-word artist, does everything in her own way. Jazzyfatnastess move over because here she comes! You can add her to the growing list of this movement which blends old school R&B, Jazz and Hip-Hop into an infectious mix…This time, I will talk about 2 of my favorite albums.

1- Who Is Jill Scott?

This impressive debut album guarantees that no one will be asking "Who is Jill Scott?" for much longer. A classic mix of Jazz, Hip-Hop, spoken word, and bluesy melodies makes of this record, the best in its genre. 
On the whole is just a beautiful and emotional experience of love. Everything that is in this album is sung exotically from the heart. Crammed with love and desire, Scott expresses her deepest, inner-most feelings in remarkable honestly and astonishing professionalism. Jill, where have you been?

Comparisons to Erykah Badu and D'Angelo, while accurate, fail to convey the power of Scott's expressive voice which can sound sensual or deeply spiritual on one track and have an innocent childish quality on another.

This Philly native's sometimes poetic lyrics are refreshingly honest and unique. Although much of the album is concerned with love, she brings to the listener that urban female perspective that is just now receiving airplay again after a long hiatus.

The album opens with "Jilltro," which is a fantastic intro to open such an accomplished album. She introduces herself with haunting vocals and echoing beats, before moving into "Do You Remember?" which is a classy and seductive slow-jam ballad. 

This is a vivid and soothing song that sets the standard for the rest of the album, as Jill's thick vocals slide over the heavenly beats. "Exclusively" follows this up, and is a humorous insight into Jill's personality and how in love she is with her man.

The song only lasts for little over two minutes, but is an album highlight for sure. You don't hear many female artists singing with such honesty like this, so prepare to be stunned. & on & on… Just allow yourself to listen to the rest… Although I love every single song on this album, if I had to pick my favorite, I would choose 'He Loves Me'. It's simply amazing, and describes exactly how I'd like to be in a relationship ;)... I know I'm dreaming!

Artists like Scott are redefining soul music for a new generation and proving that one doesn't need a crew of backup dancers, a flashy image or vulgar lyrics to entertain.

2- The Light Of The Sun

With this one, it sounds like Jill Scott is having fun making music again. It's recalling an era when tempos were slower and voices less Auto-Tuney. It's a welcome flashback. She has divorced, been left by her subsequent partner and had a baby, all of which have left their mark on this pained but triumphant record. 

Having long preached resilience and self-empowerment, she's now practicing them, turning bruising experiences into uplifting sung-spoken pieces about being down but never out. Musically, she dips into Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul, satisfyingly adapting each to her elegant vocals.

She and rapper Eve are fierce together on 'Shame'; contrastingly, a supple, 90-style R&B duet with Anthony Hamilton, 'So in Love' is simply sweet. Slipping and sliding around the fluttering beat on the sparing 'Quick', she vents her distress: "I thought you were special/I feel it in my stomach, I can't seem to move on." 

Sonically, the most adventurous thing here is the long, spaced-out 'Le Boom Vent Suite', but it's Scott's warm womanliness over the whole album that makes it a must-hear!


For The Show... She's Great!

Same For the sound :) Special dedicate for Mum...


Infectious Electro-Jazz : Mr Scruff - Ninja Tuna

Mr Scruff makes such a good sound that his record company even authorizes him to draw badly big whales in the shape of balloons on its cover album. 

More seriously, Mr Scruff built up to himself a graphic and special personal sound who made of him one of the members most respected by the label Ninja Tune.

And that makes everything crushes ten years ago when his first record 'Keep It Unreal' became cult after his release only with the piece 'Get A Move On'. 

7 years later with 'Trouser Jazz', and after some mixed compilations where he shares his rather funky influences, he's back with a real album Ninja Tuna. 
A record which will help him to unstick to the easy-listening label, because he tested every piece in club and validated their efficiency.

It's true that the groove is omnipresent in Andy Carthy's titles, to begin with 'Test The Sound' which acquaints with your speakers and verifies if they are authorized to allow to pass big beats , jazzy melodies and hip-hop flows .

OK let's go there, our mister 'Potatoes' invites Alice Russell on 'Music Takes Me Up' who teleports us in a piano bar where everybody would pay with spirit its piña colada's round.

You'll always distinguish a point of humor in these pieces which would even force a grin to inspector Derrick: no effort at all for speaking of the already classic and cheerful 'Donkey Ride', and let us discover the house pumpin of 'Get On Down', and then the R' n B dynamic of 'Hold One' and the very soulful 'This Way' well served by the pleasant voice of Pete Simpson.

'Hairy Bumpercress' is an old fashion jazz ballad and 'Whiplash' offers its lesson of dive in corals sometimes sharpened, sometimes comfortable with its aquatic bass line. 

Always there to trap us in a conceited trap, Roots Manuva makes an appearance on 'Nice Up The Function' which combines dubstep spirit and discreet trumpets, directly followed by the annoying man 'Bang The Floor' where Mr Scruff has fun with Danny Breaks sending us some heavy groove.


The carnivals 'Kalimba' &'StockportCarnival' give the occasion to brass instruments to show themselves under the sun of Rio. 
Who wanna mess around and test the sound?