Voice Exploration : Camille - Ilo Veyou

Camille, records her first album, ' Le Sac des filles ', while she's still student. Yep, another French... Good singer!  :)

After some collaborations on various albums, such those of Magic Malik, Gérard Manset or Jean-Louis Murat, she records her second opus, praised musical UFO by the criticism: ' Le Fil '. The awards rain and the public is conquered. She multiplies scenes and proposes during each of her performances some real shows, decorated with surprises - duet with artists in universes eclectic as Saïan Supa Crew. French major figure of the new  scene, Camille mixes the kinds and throws back the standardization, with an asserted objective: ' fight against the envy to overcoming '.

Camille appears to the cinema. In 2001, she represents in 'Les Morsures de l'aube', the first movie of Antoine de Caunes, where she embodies a singer, and then, in 2007, she attacks a quite different register by lending her voice to the cartoon movie 'Ratatouille', Camille returns with a new entitled album ' Music Hole ' in April, 2008.

After a bracket with the short-lived group ' Les Françoises ', that she forms the time of the 'Printemps de Bourges' 2010 with Jeanne Cherhal, Emily Loizeau, Olivia Ruiz, Rosemary de Moriarty and Big Sophie, she's back with this fourth album, ' Ilo Veyou '.

Recorded during her pregnancy and in some churches…great acoustic, it spreads admirably exaggerated love songs. With healthy and organic ingredients, her material music reveals attractive textures and a transcendence's taste , which verges on happiness.

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