Acoustic Guitar : Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

The story of the surfing champion reconverted  to songwriter … Sober  acoustic guitar, a languishing stalk of voice, a velvet rhythmic, ever simplistic simple melodies, Johnson seems to have been inspired by some warm sand to draw the inspiration of his ballads.

'Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart', sings Johnson, laying out the mission statement for In Between Dreams in its opener “Better Together”. 
It tends to focus on relationships.This could be a good or a bad thing as far as you’re concerned, but it has never really been the substance that matters with Jack Johnson—as the cliché goes, it’s all in the delivery.

First single 'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' is Johnson’s most well-realized song and it contains plenty of the subtle chord changes and even subtler wordplay that made that song great. 

Highlights are 'Better Together', the tune is infectious and his voice is dreamy, 'Banana Pancakes', because it's such a cute concept and such a rainy summer day anthem, and 'Never Know' my favorite on the whole album.


The guitar sounds so amazing, it blows me away every single time. I cannot get tired of this song.

It is a wonderful album with music that is mellow, fun, romantic and in general, just enjoyable. What I like best about his music is that it can be all of those things without being sappy, boring or repetitive.
It is great music to listen to and relax while doing whatever :)

Jack Johnson I think is one of the rare artists that seem to be able to really paint a picture in your mind. And I mean a clear vivid image. It just puts you in such a happy and relaxed mood. My favorite time to listen to it… at the beach.

Enjoy the Ride!

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