A New R&B Voice & Sound...Totally Groovy!

Jarle Bernhoft (born on June 27, 1976), also known as Bern/hoft, is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist. Bernhoft is from Nittedal in Norway, but currently lives in New York.
His most known songs are "Streetlights", "Shout" (a Tears for Fears cover), "Choices", "C'mon Talk" and "Stay With Me". 


In December 2014, it was announced that his album Islander was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album for the 2015 Grammy Awards ceremony, to be held on 8 February 2015. His nomination is remarkable, as he was the first non-American artist to have been nominated in the 20 year-history of this US-dominated category. 

In a response to his nomination, Bernhoft stated that "Grammy has spoken. I make R&B music."He released his first solo album Ceramik City Chronicles on September 1, 2008. 
So far, one of my favorite and now, my daughter is addicted to!!!

In January 2010, Bernhoft released a double live album called  1:Man 2:Band, where one half is a recording from his solo show at a jazz cafĂ© in Oslo (Kampen Bistro), and the other half is a recording from his concerts in Rockefeller and Molde Jazz Festival with a full band.


His second solo album, Solidarity Breaks, was released the next year in January 2011. It topped the VG-lista, the Norwegian Albums Chart for a total of seven weeks (in July, August and September 2011). And If you're already hooked, listen to his best album Walk With Me, I can't stop playing it...Repeat, repeat...


I hope you enjoyed it, sorry for the 'no post long lasting' ...but I've moved a lot of time & really worked my ass of, for surviving...so no time for one of my favorite hobby...Music!