A.S.M (A STATE OF MIND) - Crown Yard

A State of Mind (A.S.M) is a Hip-Hop English collective, native of Canada, Germany and England which influences come from Funk to Hip-Hop and even Reggae. 

The main group members are: Green T, FP, and Flat. They are accompanied in studio and on stage by Ludivine Issambourg flutist of Wax Tailor, Marco Bernardis, Paul Burton and Mike Davis (saxophonist, trombonist and trumpeter of 6ix Toys) but also the "Rice Krispies" saxophonist Romain Alary, the trombonist Geoffroy de Schuyter and the trumpeter Alex Herichon.

They worked repeatedly with the French DJ Jean Christophe Le Saoƻt, known under the name of Wax Tailor. The first title arising from this collaboration is "Positively Inclined", then "Say Yes" and finally "Guaranteed", available on albums "Hope and Sorrow", "In the Mood for Life" from Wax Tailor and on "Platypus Funk" from A.S.M .

On 2007 the group brings out his first EP "Pre-Emptive Nostalgia", in March 2008 brings out to Japan the second EP "Cosmic Flavour". In 2010 went out the first album marketed in France:"Platypus Funk".

Their second album Crown Yard went out on October 31st, 2011. A new musical maturity, with the same Hip-Hop vibes, optimistic and 'true-school' found already in their first album "Platypus Funk", an enormous European success arisen from the collaboration with Wax Tailor.
What makes this new album different and unique, it's the sophistication of its arrangements and the depth, in which they investigate the musical genres previously only brushed: more specially the Funk, in its original version, but also the Motown Soul, the Reggae-roots and the Afrobeat.

This new album of ASM looks like a 70s movie Soundtrack. While their young and overflowing energy shines in each of the pieces, the depth of grooves, the precision of the rhythms and the musical complexity of highlighted "CROWN yard" send a very clear message… ASM is in the place!!!

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