One Long, Languid, Shimmering Groovy Nu-Soul : D'Angelo - Spanish Joint - Voodoo

Let's be drunk in a lazy epicurean way & celebrate the sweetness of home comfort, with the only remedy elixir potion-liquor, this Nu-Soul album of D'Angelo "Voodoo". A disc that works as an additional layer, and when it ends the whole house has stripped. The rumors that the artist left for pacifier, let him walk naked in his videos.

So what? you're never walk naked at home? D'Angelo has made this disc as a woman procreate, except that he took him five years and this explains the intimacy of sound. 
The music itself goes back slowly in the womb of mother notes or so. At the end of the song is a babbling and the bells ring out as the memories of our childhood.

Crowning the ease of production, some songs were recorded in the bathroom with two percussion in the bathtub and a friend who claps his hands to keep time ... good spirit...because he came on almost all pieces and this is the "leg" of D'Angelo, the clap a little damp and languid.

The artist looks pretty marabout, perhaps no coincidence that the Nu-Soul album is called "Voodoo".

In any case, it has taste since it uses the breath of Roy Hargrove, Charlie Hunter's finger and chat Redman and Method of tacky. Amazing, to name "Voodoo" album atmospheres if not muted or crazy trance rhythms soared. 

It is the mystic who wins, D'Angelo reminds us that today the sacred simply means to bring the attention thing, respect the tradition and take the time to do it.

And the message is wonderful because the music sounds like a testimony. Includes that of an artist whose world enchants us. So hurry up and eat your yogurt before it expired, the album D'Angelo himself has no use-by date and should be declared of public utility.

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