Wonderful Blues Vibrations: Ndidi O - On The Metro - The Escape

Imagine a voice that sings the blues like a street urchin: slightly hoarse, all in nuances and sensitivity. A voice equally at home in jazz than in the soul, from the folk and pop to country and to the cabaret style or anything else, always with the same natural. 
A soft voice and powerful at a time, able to express the strongest emotions.
Now do you represent a woman’s brown hair, dressed in satin and tulle, dancing vividly in red lacquer shoes.
A woman who is inspired by love and loss, as well as in poetry, tombstones or snippets of conversations captured on the fly. 
A complex and enigmatic woman of Nigerian origin and German, who spent his childhood in British Columbia, Canada, to observe grizzly bears-and escape as soon as she could into her imagination.

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