Funky British Pop: Just Jack - Writers Block - Overtones


Overtones:An impertinent album by its fraicheur and sound from feet to nose in everything the stereotypes of the hip-hop.

The crystalline singing of an acoustic guitar, the power of a cello, the punch of the percussions, everything is there. All the tones but also all the feelings: of the dance 'Stars In Their Eyes' in the sorrow of 'Mourning Morning' by way of the bondissante 'Glory Days' which will make you Valium forget. 

An unique style which makes us travel so easily in a universe of 80 ' No Time' that in the British rap close to that of Dizzy rascal with ease!

It's weird, this mixture of accent so British and of the phrasing which would make, Hip-hop singers go pale with good envy. Just Jack: This small young person is full of energy, and he mixes the styles with such an ease. It's disconcerting!

If you are not really fit, listen to him; if you're full of energy, also listen to him!! It's the kind of Funky British Pop album that we can listen to again and again without ever growing tired of it...This album is a real jewel led with class.

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