Catchy Urban Grooves : Una Mas Trio - Clear As Water - Ritmo Del Futura

Una Mas Trio have a vision. Based on a blend of traditional south American styles meeting contemporary club music they construct their very own, crystal-clear 'Ritmo Del Futura' and release it as their debut full length album. 
Una Mas Trio are Christian Schilgen, multifaceted instrumentalist on guitar and keyboards, composer and engineer as well as producer in his own studio, and Fab DJ Sammy, musical mastermind, disc-jockey and record collector extraordinaire. 
They define their irresistible upbeat harmonies as boogaloo, a fusion of Cuban salsa rhythms and American soul.

In 'Clear As Water', Una Mas Trio blend urban grooves, catchy up-tempo energy and world music traditions. With the enigmatic poetess/singer Bajka’s tone and  phrasing provides perfect vocal flavor to

 the track.

With 'Ritmo Del Futura' Una Mas Trio release a treasure trove of hitting rhythms that are fresh and modern, keeping the spirit of original Latin and Brazilian music alive while placing it on firm grounds in the present and, of course, for the future.

Clear As Water by Loo Van Burns

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