What is Trip-Hop? Massive Attack - Paradise Circus - Heligoland

This article explains the overlooked but always present genre of trip-hop. The origin of trip-hop and the present use of trip-hop from the clubs of Britain to the media of the states.

Trip-Hop is the true opposite of the Pop genre. Trip hop originated in the United Kingdom and became trendy during the mid-nineties. If you think you've never heard a trip-hop song before I can guarantee that you absolutely have but didn't know it.

The usage of Trip-Hop music throughout
the media reaches from almost every episode of the CSI franchise, to commercial ads, and even to movies. The black comedy Fight Club is an example because the entire score was composed by the trip-hop duo The Dust Brothers now known as The Chemical Brothers.

The unique sound of trip-hop employs the usage of jazz instruments and melancholy themes mixed with the world of keyboards to create break beat rhythms. The sound of a trip-hop artist is very laid back "Somersault" by Zero 7 comes to mind when I think of a laid back trip-hop song.

But there are times when trip-hop can me upbeat and catchy "Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method is one source for upbeat trip-hop music while Soulstice's "Fall Into You" is another. Sometimes this genre can be very haunting an example is Zero 7's mix of Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls" or Sia's "I Go To Sleep".

Tricky's "Excess" is a song that's been used numerous times throughout the entertainment media it even served as the theme song for the short-lived television series "Glory Days".

This song was also used during the films "13 Ghosts" and "Queen of the Damned".
Trip-hop has slowly crept into the American consciousness. Many times a trip-hop song is used as transitional background music. If a character is doing important computer work or doing important lab tests trip-hop and split-screen montages are used to make the scene more entertaining.

If you want a closer listen into the trip-hop field a few staples of this underground musical base include Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Portishead, Thievery Corporation and Gorillaz.

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